Do your students often come to school or in from recess grumpy or upset? is it hard for them to explain why? well, our feelings chart and activities may be just the answer you need to this challenging problem.

Our feelings chart is a perfect addition to any primary classroom, counselor’s office, social-emotional setting, and more! Students can observe and select from 12 different emotions to describe how they are feeling. In addition to this packet, we include half-sheets that focus on each of the available emotions that you can use for introducing them. They allow for both writing and drawing space for student to reflect on their feelings.

imagine how learning about feelings will help your students

I feel chart in print or for display to teach feeling words

reviews from teachers like you who have used our feelings chart and activities


Juliana M.
I used this with a student that had a difficult time expressing his emotions. This chart helped with letting me know how he was feeling.


Kahalia M.
I used this resource with autistic students in a range of grades. The kids enjoyed the pictures although not all of them were into drawing. The resource was so good for engaging students about a variety of emotions.


ELA Resources and More From My Classroom to Yours
This is a great resource! I love the handout of just the feelings faces, then the little book kids can work on is an added bonus. Nicely put together and very helpful.

Kaitlyn B.
I printed these out and laminated them and I keep them on my lanyard. This has been great for helping students identify their emotions when we’re away from our room or if I can’t get to my full size pictures. Thanks so much!

How to use the feelings chart & Activities with your students

ways to use this resource:

The feelings chart can be used in numerous ways.

  • You can use the chart alone in private discussions with your child experiencing big emotions.
  • Project it as you are sharing books related to emotions and have students use it to describe character traits.
  • Use it with your guidance lessons to teach about feelings
  • Post it in a calm down corner for students to use as they’re working through struggles, and
  • Certainly, we recommend it for use with morning meetings or after recess when problems crop up.

We have narrowed the feelings list to 12 emotions, and we recommend explicitly teaching these emotions to your students in order to help them effectively use the feelings chart. 

I Feel Visual Emotions Chart & Activities

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    Our At Home Calm Down Kit

    Kids don’t just experience emotions at school, so with this in mind, we created a support for parents.

    In this resource, parents receive all of the printable tools needed to set up a calm down corner along with recommendations of household furniture, books, and soft toys to include. Teachers can print and share this resource with each family early in the year to practice what students are learning in school.

    At-Home Calm Down Kit_Page1

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