Meet the Authors of Two Peas in a Primary Pod

Meet the authors of Two Peas in a Primary Pod Rachel and Denise

The authors of two peas in a primary pod

Meet Rachel...

Hi, I’m Rachel! I am going into my 12th year of teaching Pre-K in a public school setting! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education; an ESL endorsement; a Masters in Education, Culture, and Society; and 40+ hours in Graduate courses in Special Education!

Rachel's Teaching Experience

My classroom experiences have run the gamut. I have worked in Half Day Pre-K (20 kids in AM, 20 kids in PM), in a Blended Pre-K (students with identified disabilities and typically developing students), Full Day Pre-K, mixed age (3, 4, and 5), and in a Full Day Pre-K, age 4.

Meet Rachel, author of Two Pease in a Primary Pod

I love being a Pre-K teacher because I truly enjoy connecting with my students and their families! I love the excitement and energy that 4 and 5 year olds bring into a classroom, their genuine curiosity and interest in learning, and how they can make natural connections to one another and build a classroom community. I teach in a school community where many of our families are immigrants, and I feel honored that my classroom is often their child’s first experience in school.

Rachel's Passions

I feel passionate about using picture books that represent all kinds of people and families; meaningful literacy connections for young children; and empowering preschoolers to be independent and capable decision makers. I create resources with these exact students in my mind, and hope that these materials might help students in your classroom as well!

I have been at my school for the past 12 years, and love being part of the school community. My first group of students are now in high school! I love when I have students who enter my classroom and I have taught their older siblings. 

At my school, I participate in many after-school programs geared towards art and social emotional learning for students from PreK-2nd all the way up through middle school. I feel passionately about advocating for my students, whether they are in my classroom or have grown and moved on, and love the connections I continue to make and build.

Meet Denise, author of Two Peas in a Primary Pod

Meet denise

Hi, I’m Denise. I am beginning my 27th year of teaching in a public school setting. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education; a Masters in Education, and 30+ hours in Graduate courses in Special Education and phonics.

denise's Teaching Experience

My classroom experiences have been varied. I have taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades in San Antonio, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. I have taught students from a variety of backgrounds and have found that children have needs in all settings and finding the way to meet those needs is very important to their success.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to work with students and help them find joy in learning and pride in their accomplishments. I love the connections with students and their families and being part of a community that helps develop those students into lifelong learners. 

I am very fortunate that my daughter also chose this profession. We are able to share many experiences with one another.

what matters most to denise

Along with academics, students’ social emotional needs are very important. I have worked to set up a classroom community where my students feel safe and loved. There are boundaries and rules, but they know that I will fight for them. 

I currently teach in a community I feel very connected to. I have been at my current school for 15 years and have grown close with many families as their children have grown and moved on; my first class of students are now in college! I am honored to be a part of their first learning experiences. I have had the privilege of working with families who have younger siblings come to my room and feel comfortable and that they already know me.

Our website goals

We have worked together to create resources that have helped us a great deal in our classrooms. Keeping our students front and center and what works best for them is what guides us. I hope that you find that our materials are of help to you in your classrooms as well. Follow our blog  to learn more.

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